1957 ford thunderbird e-codeImage credit: Classic Driver

It was a very lazy sunny summer week without much action in the market. That effected also our second auction event, the last two cars were not so much visited and both ended only in  Aftersale (with one already SOLD!). This week was meant to just drive the cars, not to buy them 😊 So we decided to use this week’s top sales to our column Mille Miglia (MM) Cars on Budget and we picked 3 unexpensive MM eligible cars and evaluated them with our MM score.

1. TOP SALE OF THE WEEK – Ford Thunderbird E-code (1957)

It looks as the top sale no. 3 of the week before is now the top sale no. 1. But we had to pick this car, because we want to show, it is not the same car. This is the best possible specification of the first generation Thunderbird. The most powerful one and also equipped with manual transmission. Only about 150 cars have this top specification. This car is also original unrestored two-owners example. So the final result of just 44.000 USD including fees at Gooding on the 7th of August is even better price to value than for the car last week. The rarer specification gives this car slightly better chance for the MM and better performance, but it comes also at higher price. So the final score of 31,19 points keeps the E-code just outside our Top 40. (auction link)

1957 ford thunderbird e-codeImage credit: Classic Driver
1956 sudebaker golden hawkImage credit: Bring a Trailer

2. TOP SALE OF THE WEEK – Studebaker Golden Hawk (1956)

Another US-produced MM eligible V8 with manual transmission car comes to the second place. This time the best possible Studebaker specification, making it quite a little Battle against the Thunderbird E-code. The final result was this time 25.462,50 USD including fees at Bring a Trailer on the 7th of August. We would go for the E-code as from the point of price to value. But from the MM score, the Studebaker placed a few points over the E-code with 35,24 points and comes to the 38. Place in our Top 40 chart. The reasons are a) the model is rarer, b) the car is less expensive. (auction link)


3. TOP SALE OF THE WEEK – Ford Model A (1931)

The third choice is again a US-produced car, just this time from the pre-war period. A mass produced Ford Model A. This example was special for its Deluxe Trim and a four-tone color scheme. It is also the final production year, so the best version for the Mille Miglia. And the final price of just 12.650 USD including fees at Gooding also on the 7th of August makes the car really affordable. On the other side, the mass production of the Model A makes it also not easy to get in for the race and the low probability is the main reason for a score of just 23,76 points in our MM cars on budget ranking. (auction link)

1931 ford model aImage credit: Classic Driver

Author: Auctomobile Team